Press Braking and Cold Forming

Rectangular hollow sections and square hollow sections with rounded edges


Montanstahl does produce RHS & SHS made of two press brake channels with rounded corners by means of laser fusion or laser hybrid fusion technology. rectangular-hollw-sectionThe goal is to service those demands that go beyond the standard box sections available on the market.

Montanstahl’s workflow for box sections is equipped with a forming press that grants several advantages:

  • Size flexibility (no limitation to standard dimensions)
  • Bar length up to 12.4m in one piece, without having to butt-weld
  • High press-power of 160ton per meter, enables pressing up to 15mm thick stainless steel

The subsequent step in the workflow is the laser fusion process, where the two press braked channels are unified to the square or rectangular hollow section.

According to the specific requirements of the hollow profile, a different approach is used:

  • Either laser fusion alone (this technology grants sound penetrations up to 13mm)
  • Or laser hybrid fusion adding filler metal to the weld (this technology enables sound penetrations up to 15mm)


Both technologies offer the advantages of laser fusion with:

  • No minimum runs: one bar is feasible,
  • Reduced heat input,
  • Little distortion,
  • Small external weld bead,
  • Possibility of compliance with the American Standard ASTM A554
  • High productivity for speed deliveries.

This machine set-up makes Montanstahl a reliable and flexible producer of non commercial hollow sections, focussed on profiles with special length or multiple length, with special dimensions and important thicknesses.
Focus is clearly defined with the stainless steel grades like the austenitic stainless steel 304 and 316L, but also the heat resisting stainless steels, as well as duplex steels and super alloys.

Apart from press brake hollow section, Montanstahl does produce RHS & SHS with sharp edges and a clear and neat shape made of four flat stripes, both in carbon steel and stainless steel.


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