3D Laser Fusion & Laser Hybrid Welding

Special 3D laser hybrid welded TLTThis state of the art machinery unifies all advantages of laser fusion with the flexibility of a 5-axis robot, allowing the production of extremely complex profiles, non-linear or curved profiles and fabricated components.

Subject to the properties of the requested product the system operates selectively in a Laser-alone or Laser-hybrid mode. In the 3D Laser-hybrid welding mode a arc welding (MIG/MAG) device is added to the laser fusion torch, improving the characteristics of a conventionally arc welded product.

Advantages are a reduced distortion of the welded component due to less heat input, a good gap bridging ability at high process speeds and a deeper weld penetration. The laser-hybrid kicks in when the gap between the parts that have to be welded is too big for the Laser-alone mode. Bigger gaps usually occur where the joining zone is not neat and precise, which is commonly the case when hot rolled or extruded pre-shapes have to be welded together.

The laser-hybrid process is therefore a ideal production method, when the single components do not have clean and regular joining zone.

Fabricated components

For custom tailored product we offers also additional services like:

  • Precision cuts
  • Miter cuts
  • Holes and large laser cut-outs
  • Back-cuts of web or flanges
  • Welding of stiffeners or end plates
  • Welding of stud-bolts
  • Linear machining of profiles


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