Special Profiles

Profile CompanyMontanstahl has been producing special profiles in steel for more than 30 years. All types of steel from low carbon, through SBQ to stainless and tool steel grades are processed. The choice of the production method for a profile depends from its overall size, complexity, surface finish, tolerance and the required lot size.

Our manufacturing technologies are evaluated in close co-operation with end users with the goal to offer near net shape, functional and cost effective solutions. The profiles are usually manufactured in bars but can be offered as well in coils. Depending on the characteristics of the requested section and the appropriate manufacturing technology, bar lengths up to 15 m can be achieved.

To get a better feeling, what kind of custom steel profiles you can source from Montanstahl you are invited to explore our manufacturing technologies below.

Send us your request and we will be pleased to suggest you the best production method

Hot Manufacturing Technologies

Laser Fusion

Laser Fusion

Sharp edged profiles made from steel strips. Dimensions and position of steel strips can be defined upon specific requirement. High flexibility on volumes, 1 bar prototypes are possible.

Fabricated components

3D Laser Fusion

The ultimate evolution in laser fusion. A 3D laser robot that can produce non linear sections and components with fusion penetration up to 25 mm. High flexibility on volumes, 1 bar prototypes are possible.

Stainless shape

Low Impact Laser Fusion

Dedicated laser technology with reduced heat penetration for small sections with thin material thickness or aesthetically demanding sections like polished stainless steel.

Hot rolled update

Hot Rolling & Extrusion

Very suitable and cost-effective manufacturing technology for special profiles in steel. We operate a special wire rod based rolling mill, which offers considerable cost savings thanks to small production lots and low tooling cost.

Cold Manufacturing Technologies

Cold Rolling

Cold Rolling

Very efficient manufacturing process, which has been developed mainly for small sections up to 400 mm². Excellent surface finish, tight tolerances (h9) and the possibility to produce very small production lots.

Cold Drawing Preview

Cold Drawing

Extremely cost-effective manufacturing technology to refine tolerances and surface condition of medium and larger size sections up to a cross section of 2000 mm². Small production lots are possible.

Mechanical Crimping Technology

Mechanical Crimping

Mechanical crimping allows to combine dissimilar materials with the purpose to achieve a thermal, acoustic, magnetic or electrical decoupling. We combine stainless or carbon steel with glass fiber reinforced polyamides to achieve thermally broken sections.

Forming Technology

Press Braking & Forming

We press brake plates into pre shapes. These shapes are used to manufacture laser fused sections or components where rounded corners a required. Thicknesses up to 15 mm and lengths up to 12.4 m are possible.


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