Special Profiles

Special Profiles

Montanstahl has been producing special profiles in steel for more than 30 years. All types of steel from low carbon, through SBQ to stainless and tool steel grades are processed. The choice of the production method for a profile depends from its overall size, complexity, surface finish, tolerance and the required lot size.
Our manufacturing technologies are evaluated in close co-operation with end users with the goal to offer near net shape, functional and cost effective solutions. The profiles are usually manufactured in bars but can be offered as well in coils. Depending on the characteristics of the requested section and the appropriate manufacturing technology, bar lengths up to 15 m can be achieved.

To get a better feeling, what kind of custom steel profiles you can source from Montanstahl you are invited to explore our manufacturing technologies below.

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Standard Profiles products

Stainless Steel Structurals

Even though stainless steel structurals have been available since the 60‘s, the industry did not show great interest until the last decade. Main reasons have been small volumes, irregular consumption, few supply sources, long delivery times, high prices and little material knowledge.
The company Montanstahl AG focused on these market inadequateness’s in the early 90‘s and achieved some significant changes thanks to enhanced supply networks and by introducing new manufacturing technologies. Founded 1983 in Switzerland, the company has grown from a small steel profile rolling mill to an internationally renowned supplier and stockholder for special steel and stainless steel profiles.

In 2005 Montanstahl decided to establish its first product specific company, Stainless Structurals LLC, with main focus on stainless steel structurals. This was the beginning of a systematic supply network which today covers more than 60 countries worldwide.
No matter where your business or project is located, we are dedicated to delivering the highest level of service to our customers all over the world. Please check our product specific size range below.

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Stainless Steel Bright Bars

Bright bars

Montanstahl produces a wide range of special bright bars in stainless steel like cold drawn equal and unequal angle bars with sharp corners, cold drawn flat bars with h11 tolerances, square and flat key steel with h9 tolerances as well as solid half round and half ovals.

These products are available from stock in the austenitic grades AISI 304/L, 316/L and 303. Special grades can be produced on demand.

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System Profiles

Next to our Special and Standard Profiles we supply an interesting range of system profiles for the Architectural, Building and Construction industry. Specifically we do offer heavy duty laser fused steel and stainless steel curtain wall sections, hot rolled solid steel window sections and thermally broken steel window sections.
Laser fused steel curtain wall sections produced by Montanstahl differ considerably from conventional fillet-welded sections. The seam created by the laser fusion is very small, neat and barely noticeable. This is very much appreciated by architects because the sharp contour of the steel shape is maintained.
Montanstahl offers solid and thermally broken steel window sections. These window sections are unique when it comes to esthetics and design. Depending on the climatic environment, national regulations on thermal performance and national heritage guidelines, architects can chose among a large variety of different systems and designs to match the requested architectural style.

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