Fassade for Sberbank Cooperate University


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Sharp Edged T-Section

Material grade:



Laser fused & Mirror polished

Industries served:

Architecture Building & Construction


Moscow, Russia


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Sberbank is Russia’s oldest state bank with more than 200.000 employees and over 20.000 branch offices spread over the country.
Within the program for continuous performance improve and update courses, the bank’s management will attend trainings and seminars in the different business fields as well as team building programs provided by the new University.
The 32000 square meter building complex is going to give space to modern education and conference areas, as well as to spaces for dormitories, a teacher village, a club building and sports facilities.
The project was assigned to the Dutch Architect Erick van Egeraat. The design was foreseeing a cladding of wood and glass panels, and stainless steel mullions were a perfect combination to give bones to the structure. The chosen shape was the one of a T-Section, being lightweight and discreet, but also strong enough to satisfy the structural requirements.
The high-end project was demanding for a high-end execution; thus the tailored stainless steel, sharp edged T-sections in laser-fused execution were the way to go. The requested surface finish that should increase depth and space was the mirror-polish.


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The company Esco was entrusted with the construction of this curtain wall system. The T-Section was designed according to the real structural needs defined by the engineers.
All flat stripes for the sections where precision laser cut from plate. The visible parts of the stripes had to be pre polished in order to reduce the cost for the operation of mirror polishing that had to be done on the finished T-section. This was subcontracted to the skilled polishing Company in Germany.
The flats once pre-polished were protected with plastic in order to reduce damages during transport and the various production steps.
In order not to ruin the precious surface during the processes, several production equipments had to be modified and adapted as to avoid to scratch or damage the demanding surface.
The finished fused T-sections, cut in various length, were again shipped to the polishing Company in Germany, that was going to add the final mirror polish surface finish and protect the bars in air pillows.
All 650 bars, almost 45 ton in stainless steel 304L, were supplied in due time and with full satisfaction about the execution of all involved parties.

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