Laser welding allows sections not only in random lengths

PUBLISHED 28 March 2017

Standard sections in stainless steel come with a length of six meters. This is seldom the needed length of the application. Custom lengths and processing are possible through laser welding.

stainless steel beams with back-cut flanges

Much more than the standard off the shelve

Stainless structural sections like beams, channels, angle bars or tee sections find their application in steel structures where corrosion is an issue. Despite to carbon steel, where the random length is of twelve meters, structural sections in stainless steel are available in six-meter lengths.
But seldom the real length of the application is of six meters. Either the sections are cut down, or they are butt-welded for longer spans.
Both solutions are not optimal: they may generate scrap or extra work for butt-welding the bars to make them longer. Montanstahl can supply custom lengths on specific demand.

Much more than a cutting service

Montanstahl can provide both precision cutting and miter cutting. However, the service goes much beyond that: if the amount of bars justifies it, Montanstahl can unroll from coil the needed plates in dedicate lengths. Custom lengths can be used both to produce longer bars and to produce bars in multiple lengths. From those the shorter length will be saw-cut. This allows to reduce precious material off-cut that otherwise would be scrapped.
A laser engraved marking shows the positioning for the saw-cut, indicating where to cut the multiple bar with extreme high precision if done on site.
Montanstahl did already produce bars in one single piece having length above fifteen meters.

Turn key components made by laser welding

Further working of sections with additional processing such as drilling holes, machining long-holes or cut-outs, shortening flanges or webs is particularly costly. Especially the longer the bar is, handling becomes more challenging and price goes up.
At Montanstahl it is possible to supply these additional processing as extra service. Holes and cut-outs will be laser-cut directly when cutting the plate into strips prior to welding the profile. This allows significant savings.

Stainless steel angle bars w holes
Laser engraved markings grant correct assembly and high-precision prior to laser welding.
The final product may be supplied with holes for fasteners (threaded holes are seldom part of the delivery). Shorter cut flanges and longer webs, reduced in height for perfect insertion within a traversal beam of same size, are possible as well.

Special design for aesthetics

special profiles with design cut outs

Generally out-cuts in webs of sections are done in order to reduce the overall weight of the section. Considering that the operation of cutting is done on flat bars, prior to welding the sections, almost any design can be precision-laser-cut to a reasonable cost.
This allows architects and designers to create special graphics of their tailored sections, making them custom and unique.

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