Hollow Carbon Steel Sections For A Telescopic Mast

PUBLISHED 18 July 2017

Propulsion systems for large ships and vessels use a telescopic mast, so the canvas can be blown by wind. This construction yearns for tailored hollow carbon steel sections.

telecopic mast made of hollow carbon steel sections


octagonal hollow carbon steel sections

Material grade:

D36 and 1.4571


laser-hybrid fused

Industry served:

chemical tankers and shipbuilding




Hollow Carbon Steel Sections Provide A Strong Telescopic Mast

Sailors use the telescopic mast as launching and recovery tower of the canvas. During these operations, the mast is expanded, otherwise it is retracted. Due to this, the technology ensures significant reduction in fuel consumption taking advantage of the wind energy.
Therefore, the challenge is to built a structure that is sufficiently stiff for safe operation but is, at the same time, as light as possible. And while keeping all this in mind, extremely tight tolerances for proper mechanical operation also must be granted.
For this purpose, designers created a set of octagonal hollow sections. Due to the circumstances, it had to be made in special marine carbon steel D36 from two special precision press brake channels.
The size, however, ranged from the biggest cross section of 800 x 800 millimeters to the top and the smallest one having an outer dimension of 180 x 180 millimeters.

Laser Fusing Hollow Carbon Steel Sections

hollow carbon steel sections

Laser fused hollow sections

The junction of the two carbon steel channels is done by laser-hybrid welding with 3D-laser fusion technologyThat also ensures sound welds and little distortion to the components. All in all, both are important factors for the quality and the final success of the hollow carbon steel profiles.
In addition to the qualified welding procedures, a third party institute checked all welds with radiographic and endoscopic testing.
All interior mast sections are also equipped on four short sides with a corrosion resistant flat bar in carbon steel welded on it for friction related issues, ensuring proper operation in time.

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