Stainless Steel Facade for a new University Dairy

PUBLISHED 24 May 2017

A US-american university with focus on agricultural and nutritional science is being renovated, including the on-campus dairy. For this, high-class stainless steel special beams are used.

stainless steel for the dairy's facadestainless steel profiles for the dairy


special custom beams

Material grade:

304 / 304L


laser welded and polished

Industries served:

architecture, building and construction



interior of the dairy

Investing in Education

Cornell University – College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is located in Ithaca, New York. In September 2010, the renovation of the 88 year-old home of its Department of Food Science building, Stocking Hall, broke ground. The renovation of the state-of-the-art research facility is worth $105 million. This is also including a new dairy and a new home for the landmark Cornell Dairy Bar.

A Dairy for Practicing

The 1130 square meter dairy is a centerpiece for undergraduate, as well as graduate students in food science. Hence, it is utilized in dairy foods research and production. According to the University, the dairy produces roughly 530’000 liters of milk, 75’000 liters of ice cream, and 15’000 liters of yogurt and pudding a year. facade of the university dairyDue to this amount of food research and production, it was important to choose a material that would be durable, sanitary, and also easy to clean. So it was clear why to choose stainless steel.

Usage of Stainless Steel in Numbers

All in all, the project features over 13.2 tons of custom laser welded stainless steel beams. They are therefore produced with custom flange widths and thicknesses. Because the stainless steel structural sections support a glass facade, they are polished with a grit 240 finish as required by the building specification. In short, the structure consists of 42 beams that are 9120 millimeters long.
The team of consultants worked together in order to ensure that the custom stainless steel beams were produced, polished and delivered to Ithaca in the allotted 10-week production schedule. Due to this, they were able to meet the project deadline.

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