Stainless Steel BBQ at Montanstahl

PUBLISHED 22 August 2017

Montanstahl produces much more than only stainless steel profiles. Some skilled BBQ fans built the grill for the company’s barbeque party. Read more about our unique stainless steel BBQ.

Montanstahl sponsors a barbeque party for all employees annually. This happens either at the beginning of summer or after the summer holidays in September when the temperatures are still pleasant.
In this tradition, a large typical German beer tent is built up on the parking area of the ground. There is plenty of room for more than 150 people, sitting at long tables on wooden benches. So the atmosphere is ike at the Oktoberfest in Munich. Everybody is free to tap fresh German draft beer. Non-alcoholic soft drinks are available, too. And of course there is our very unique stainless steel BBQ.

Homemade Stainless Steel BBQ Rotisserie

The main dish at the BBQ party is a grilled ox. For cooking the ox meat, some colleagues that are doing BBQ’s on a regular basis, designed a special stainless steel bbq rotisserie. It is equipped with a motor that is rotating the heavy ox meat. The speed is adjustable for perfect cooking.

stainless steel BBQ rotisserie

Almost all stainless steel components are recycled parts from production. There are laser-cut sheet metal plates used for the basement and the hood, reinforced with small hot rolled profiles, stainless steel channels and angle bars.
The rotisserie axe is a stainless steel round pipe in order to grant sufficient stability for all the meat, but reduce weight at the same time.

High-end Stainless Steel Grillage

Besides the rotisserie for the ox, the hungry employees of Montanstahl may also choose between various types of sausages.

special stainless steel grillage

The sausages are roasted on a second homemade stainless steel grill. Its special feature is the grillage. For its realization, the professional welders did not use the classic round bars, but very special drop shaped sections in 316L stainless steel.
The grill masters assert that this special shape allows a much better heat distribution. Therefore, a better grilling experience and a better result is guaranteed.
Judging from the speed at which the sausages where eaten up, the quality and the cooking was excellent. No one cared, that these precious types of special cold rolled special stainless steel profiles are usually used in water treatment applications.

drop shaped stainless steel profile

Not A New Business Strategy

The results are very good and there could be potential for new business opportunities, such as producing stainless steel BBQ grills or rotisseries, or part of it, like the high-end cooking grid.
However, this is not the goal of Montanstahl and we will continue to focus on stainless steel profiles.
Both the rotisserie and the grill will be used in the coming years. Not only for the Montanstahl BBQ party: They will also be lent to non-profit organizations in the neighborhood for their donation crowdfunding parties.

staff at the BBQ party

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