Duplex Crane Boom for the Tender of a Luxury Yacht

PUBLISHED 6 June 2017

Heaving the tender of a luxury yacht into water and putting it back onboard is not possible without an auxiliary device. A crane boom made of  duplex stainless steel is needed.

stainless steel crane boom

Crane boom


heavy I-beam

Material grade:



laser fused and laser hybrid welded

Industry served:

Automotive and Transportation



Choosing the Right Material for the Crane Boom

The section was designed taking into account the possibilities and advantages of laser fused profiles. This also optimized the overall dimensions and material thickness.
Furthermore, we could quickly solve the matter of the material selection. The planned austenitic stainless steel 1.4404 (316L), was rapidly rejected and hence substituted by the lean duplex stainless steel 1.4362 (S32304), when adding to the structural calculation the higher yield of lean duplex steel sections.
Finally, the result was an overall smaller beam, enabling a reduction of the section size and of material thickness. This is overall granting significant savings, both as far as weight and material costs is concerned!
The optimized beam dimensions are: 425 by 190 by 15 by 20 millimeters (height x width x web thickness x flange thickness). The supplied length of the duplex stainless steel beams was 5200 millimeters.

Benefits of Laser Welded Profiles Pay Off

We fused the duplex stainless steel beam with full penetration welds, because of several reasons: The minimum amount of distortion, that is achievable with the laser fusion technology, made it possible to machine the upper flange on both ends prior to assembly and laser fusion. This production medthod is also granting high precision. At the same time, we can reduce costs, compared to the machining of the finished beam.
For moving the lifting structure at which the tender is hanging, we additionally equipped the upper flange of the duplex stainless steel beam with a toothed bar. This is laser fused on top of it. As no load is carried here the fusion penetration was designed at five millimeters per side.

A Duplex Stainless Steel Crane Boom Can Make Work Easier

Due to its corrosion resistance, duplex stainless steel is the perfect option for wet environments. But not only for heaving a tender you can use a crane boom. One can also work with them while building an airplane. There they are often used as special robot-arms.

detail of a crane boom

Detail of the dental rail

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