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You have known it yourself – the feeling at the moment when you first enter a room. It leaves a mood indelibly imprinted on your memory. Art has enjoyed a permanent place in our everyday work environment for years. The objective and peculiarity of the cultural engagement of MONTANSTAHL is the combination of art with the working world and environment.


We chose progressive, cutting-edge architecture for our new administrative building. Many architectural elements are the result of ongoing contact with various designers and artists. The pictures and sculptures in the offices and conference rooms are thought-provoking and stimulate “soft factors” such as creativity, perception and social responsibility in business processes. They serve as topics of conversation with visitors and impart a pleasant atmosphere.
MONTANSTAHL not only supports established artists but, in particular, helps visionary, up-and-coming creators of modern, contemporary art publicise their talents. A clear answer to the question of the benefits of art to a company is elusive, which appears as an obstacle to the interaction between art and industry. But our business objectives do not conflict with art & design – quite to the contrary.

Promoting art promotes innovation

The world of industry and business is always in motion. Next to the question of functionality, aesthetics and creativity are also subject to the highest demands today. Artists offer important impulses for technological renewal. Artistic developments such as photography, film, lithography and screen printing were subsequently adopted by industry. No design for a piece of china, vehicle or skyscraper has been developed without style models from the world of art. Often long, interactive processes between art and design, graphics and architecture have led to the achievement of creative objectives.
The exchange between entrepreneurs and artists expands horizons, opens up new perspectives and often marks the beginning of innovation and progress. In such partnerships, our company not only offers its know-how but also collects new experiences and explores different perspectives.

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Culture benefits from technical expertise and stands to gain from the exchange of ideas, learning about new materials and other perspectives, establishing new contacts. In this classic win-win situation, mutual interaction serves the successful further development of culture.

Art is the mirror of our culture

Therefore art serves as more than decoration or a flagship – it offers room for imagination, relaxation and ideas. The power of its aesthetic possibilities has a positive impact on the company and its employees.


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