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Montanstahl is a dynamic family-owned company active in the production and supply of high quality special steel shapes. Established 1983 in Stabio, Switzerland, Montanstahl has achieved a high level of knowhow and ranks among the worldwide market leaders in its business segment. Demand for custom tailored products is continuously rising and Montanstahl adapted to these market requests by investing in innovative manufacturing technologies. All types of steel from low carbon, through SBQ to stainless and tool steel grades are processed.
In close co-operation with our customers we improve performance of existing products, search for new product solutions and optimize manufacturing processes. During design stage of new steel shapes we make sure that all manufacturing technologies are taken into consideration to give customers the most cost effective solution and at the same time highest quality standard. Apart from special shapes we offer a very large program of standard stainless steel structurals. You are welcome to check our product specific menus for more detailed information.

All types of steel from low carbon, through SBQ to stainless and tool steel grades are processed. The choice of the production method for a profile depends from its overall size, complexity, surface finish, tolerance and the required lot size.

Even though stainless steel structurals have been available since the 60‘s, the industry did not show great interest until the last decade. Main reasons have been small volumes, irregular consumption, few supply sources, long delivery times, high prices and little material knowledge.

Montanstahl produces a wide range of special bright bars in stainless steel like cold drawn equal and unequal angle bars with sharp corners, cold drawn flat bars with h11 tolerances, square and flat key steel with h9 tolerances as well as solid half round and half ovals.

We supply an interesting range of system profiles for the Architectural, Building and Construction industry. Specifically we do offer heavy duty laser fused steel and stainless steel curtain wall sections, hot rolled solid steel window sections and thermally broken steel window sections.


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